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The Rainbow the Dock and me

Number one I love God. I love everlasting life. I am responsible, ambitious and quick to learn. In January of 1994 , I came from PA to FL with two sons on a wing and a prayer. (I wanted to live in the warmth.) I turned into a Jane of all trades, cleaning condos, bartending and selling ads for a local paper. In April of 94 I received my real estate license and managed properties. Now all my real estate interests are primarily sales. I love this area and would like to help people to invest, relocate or visit the beautiful suncoast on the Gulf of Mexico. On a comparative basis people get a lot of real estate for their money in this area. I personally bought a 1500 sq. ft.condo townhouse with a dock three blocks from the Gulf of Mexico for $84,000. In New Jersey it would have cost me $175,000. Let me make your dreams come true. You too can live in paradise!
Christine Marriott

Wow! There has been a-lot of shaking and quaking going on around here. The property value has been going up around 15% a year. Now my condo can sell quickly for about 199k. It has turned into a sellers market. The listed price and sales price has been getting closer and closer. Our inventory has been steadily depleting. You know what that means! Supply and demand. Many businesses have been moving into our area. Our average people age has been dropping. I am starting to feel old : ). All of this is possibly happening because we do not have a state income tax and it is a gorgeous area. My intuition is that it will continue to go up as the baby boomers start to retire. People are starting to discover florida! Well thats all for now folks. If I can help you in any way please do not hesitate to ask! Just E-mail me!

2006--------------Buyers Market!. Listings are up and buyers can now pick and choose. Take your time. Find a piece of paradise. If you snooze you won't loose.

honesty is always the best policy!

GOD bless America!


Thanks so much to all of you. You know who you are! Thanks so much for being down to earth and honest. That is so important to me. It is not if you purchased anything but that you were honest and I love how down to earth you all were. Honesty, is very comfortable and important. Even best friends aren't perfect none of us are. Anyway, just wanted to say, Thank God, for people like you :)))))).

Don't worry about the greedy bastards, they have their reward and the funny thing about it ....is....... they can't take it with them when they go...... make sure you don't become like them. Love your family and friends and try to be as honest as possible. Above all love God! God Bless!


Just thought i should put a date on this last entry 12/30/2007

Family came in from Philly the night before the party party!

The actual party however Barry the tropical storms eye past by in the am. Had the party anyway!

April 5th Rally for America and the Uk over 15k showed up. I was one of them!

When the silent Majority came out to Play!


Christine Marriott

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Searching For Tampa Bay Area Real Estate

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My son Joshua

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My son Christopher at school

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Our condo

Curt Shilling

Phillies Spring Training Curt Shilling and Me!

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